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Queen Mary stopped writing then. Yesterday afternoon,7th February 1587, we heard a horse outside our win-dow. Mary looked out. There was a man there, on the road from London. He had a letter from the Queen of England.然后,玛丽女王停止了写信。昨天下午,即1587年的2月7日,我们听到窗外传来了马蹄声。玛丽向窗外望去,从伦敦方向来了一个男人,他捎来了英格兰女王的一封信。

In the evening, an Englishman, Lord Shrewsbury,came to see Mary,‘I am sorry,my lady,'he said.‘But I have a letter from my Queen. You're going to die, tomorrow.'晚上,一...

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Elizabeth didn't give me her army.She put me in prison.You know this,James—it is the story of your life,not mine. I was twenty-five years old when I came to England, and I am forty-five now.Twenty years in English prisons.伊丽莎白没有给我她的军队。她把我关进了监狱。你知道这些的,詹姆斯——它是有关你生活的故事,不是我的。我来到英格兰时才25岁,而现在我已经45岁了,在英格兰的监狱里呆了20年。

Moray told lies about me. Mary and Bothwell killed Darn-ley, he said.Mary slept with Riccio and Bothwell and killed her husband. But it's not true!...

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Soon everyone in Europe heard the news. The Queen of France and the Queen of England wrote angry letters to me. Who killed the King? they asked. I was very unhappy at this time, James. We looked for the killers, but we could not find them. Please believe me, James. The Scots lords are difficult men. Some were friends, some were enemies, but they changed all the time.不久,每个欧洲的人都知道了这件事。法国的女王和英格兰的女王给我写来了愤怒的信。谁杀死了亲王?他们质问道。在那段时间里我很不愉快,詹姆斯。我们寻找凶手,但是我们没能找到。请相信...

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I had a new man to help me now.The Earl of Bothwell—a strong,clever man. He was older than me;he was not a boy like Darnley. He worked hard and he could think. He was a good fighter and he was not afraid of other men. Per-haps you are like him, James, my son?现在,我又有一个人来帮我了。博思韦尔勋爵——一个健壮聪明的男人。他比我大;他不像达恩利那样像个小男孩。他工作努力且会思考。他是个勇士,他不怕别人。或许你像他,詹姆斯,我的儿子?

In January your father,Darnley,was ill in Glasgow.I went to see him, and took him back to Edinburgh. H...

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Next morning, Darnley came to see me. He was afraid.‘What's the matter,husband?'I said.‘Why are you crying?'第二天早晨,达恩利来见我。他显得很害怕。“怎么了,丈夫?”我问道。“你干吗哭?”

‘Oh Mary, Mary!'he said. ‘I'm sorry! I was wrong!I helped those men to kill Riccio, and now the Earl of Moray is back here with them!He hates me!I am afraid they're going to kill me, and you too. Think of our child, Mary, here inside you!'“噢玛丽,玛丽!”他说。“对不起,我错了!我帮助那些人杀死了里奇奥,现在马里伯爵回来了,和他们在一起!...

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It was a Saturday evening in March 1566. I was in Edin-burgh with some friends. David Riccio was there, with six or seven other people. We were in a small room, but there was a good dinner on the table, and we were happy. It was dark outside, but inside it was warm and friendly.1566年 3月的一个星期六晚上。我和一些朋友呆在爱丁堡。达维·里奇奥也在那里,另外还有六、七个人。我们在一间小屋子里,桌上摆着丰盛的菜肴,我们都很高兴。虽然外面夜幕笼罩,但屋子里充满了温暖和友好的气氛。

Suddenly, a door opened behind me. In the door was Henry Darnley,...

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At first I wanted to marry the son of the King of Spain,Don Carlos. But he was a Catholic, of course, and my Scots lords did not like that. It was difficult for me, James. I wanted to please myself. I wanted to please my friends and family in France and to please my people, too. And then there was the Queen of England.开始的时候,我想嫁给西班牙国王的儿子,唐·卡洛斯。可他是个天主教徒。当然,我的这些苏格兰贵族们不喜欢那样。这对我太难了,詹姆斯。我想让自己愉快,又想让我在法国的朋友和家人高兴,也想让我的人民满意。此外,还有英格兰女王。

At fir...

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Dear James. Very soon I am going to die, and meet my God.Before I die, I want to write the true story of my life for you. Everything that I write here is true—I cannot lie to you, or to God. Please believe that, James. It's impor- tant to me.亲爱的詹姆斯,很快我就要死去,去见我的上帝了。在我死之前,我要给你写下我一生的真实的故事。在这里我写的一切都是真实的——我不能对你说谎,也不能对上帝说谎。请相信这一切,詹姆斯,这对我很重要。

My father died when I was one week old, so I was the Queen of Scots when I was a baby. At first I lived with ...

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My name is Bess Curle, but this is not my story. It is the story of my lady Mary, Queen of Scots.She wrote the story, and then she gave it to me. I am going to give it to her son.我的名字叫贝斯·柯尔,但这不是我的故事。它是有关我的夫人玛丽苏格兰女王的故事。她写下了这个故事,便交给我。我将把它转交给她的儿子。

She began the story a week ago. It was January 1587, and we sat here in our cold room in Fotheringhay Castle, in the north of England. We couldn't see much from the window.One or two houses, a river, some trees, some horses, and a...

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